New Patients

Welcome to ISLANDWIDE CHIROPRACTIC, P.C. You have taken the first step in regaining and optimizing your health. While under my care I will explain to you why you have your present problem, what I can do to correct it, and what you can do to help maintain that correction. Spinal corrections and their associated problems take time, just as it took for the distortions (subluxations) to come about. Depending on the cause of the condition your care may be limited to a few visits or to a series of visits over time. This will be discussed with you at the start of treatment.

Chiropractic has a unique perspective of health and disease, which is based on the functioning of the nervous system, the most important system in your body. Chiropractors recognize the importance of all of the different stresses to the nervous system and our main goal is reducing them. These stresses might be found in your joints, muscles, posture, diet, work place, home life, or in your exercise and sleeping habits. I may ask questions and make recommendations concerning these and other areas of your health as well.

When treating you, I will employ a number of different chiropractic techniques, which are based on human anatomy, physiology and clinical biomechanics. I hope you will take an interest to explore what is happening to you. The most important thing to remember is, if you have questions, ASK!!!

ATTIRE: Please wear sweat pants (loose fitting pants), a cotton T-shirt (loose fitting shirt) and comfortable socks. This will eliminate you from having to wear a clinic gown.

WELLNESS CARE: Once your problem is resolved, you will be offered the opportunity to received preventative-wellness care. This care maintains what we have initially accomplished. It removes any of the distortions picked up in your day to day living and helps you to function and feel as well as you possibly can. It is like a fine-tuning of the body. Most importantly, it is completely up to you.