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G.L. Garden City, NY - Islandwide Chiropractic, P.C.

G.L. Garden City, NY

I came to visit Dr. Velkovich for headaches that my 9 years old daughter was suffering with.  There were years of complaints, numerous doctor visits.  They all told me there was nothing wrong with her, “it was all in her head”.  Dr. Velkovich listened to her symptoms and was kind and gentle with her.  Through muscle testing he found a number of food allergies and with an elimination of the trigger foods as well as regular spinal manipulation, my daughter is headache free for the first time in many years.  A child should not suffer with pain.  By seeing Dr. Velkovich my daughter is happier, sleeps better and overall healthier.  Thank you for not being like all the rest of the Medical Doctors.  Thank you for being true and honest and to do whatever it takes to help people feel better.